Eagle Acres Dairy - formerly known as Aldor Acres Dairy

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Thursday, February 18th, 2016
Program Description

Rumour has it Milk does a body good! Eagle Acres Dairy provides tours of our family dairy farm. Wrangle up your students and head to the Dairy to scratch 'Milk A Cow' off everyone's bucket list. Eagle Acres Dairy provides hands on guided tours that include learning to milk a cow by hand, nutrition, butter making, and feeding your new bovine buddies. Students will view part of the machine milking by farmer and by Robot! All will have a chance to sample chocolate milk, take home activity books and much more! This tour is adjustable to all age levels. Older grades may also separate cream, learn about sustainable farming, dairy technology and more. You'll walk away udderly impressed by our dairy diva's! For more information please visit our website www.eagleacres.ca

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Discounts are available for busing and multi-class bookings. Teachers are always FREE!

Additional Notes

Maximum number of students is 120.