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Features of our centre:
The Power House at Stave Falls brings curriculum to life by engaging students in a one time functional generating station.Curiosity and wonder will flourish once they see the inner workings of this 100-year-old power generating facility which is also a National Historic Site of Canada.

With interactive displays, archival photos and artifacts, and the original mechanical and electrical components installed over a century ago, students will understand exactly how a power station works and appreciate how applications of the science, physics, geology and much more have helped build their local communities.

What your students will learn:
Students will learn about B.C's renewable and non-renewable resources, hydroelectric generation, human and natural heritage, and conservation in their homes, schools and communities.

Resources for educators:
Pre-arranged guided tours are available throughout the season from March to October and there are several other opportunities nearby to create an enjoyable full or half day for your students which include the recreation site at Hayward Lake.

The Power House at Stave Falls offers free resource materials, Stave Falls - Power and Place. This resource is designed to support the Grades 4 to 7 Social Studies and Science curricula, while connecting learners to an outstanding national heritage site and the natural environment that surrounds it.

Additional resource materials available include the Power and Place Teacher's Guide, Stave Falls Teacher Resource Guide, Stave Falls Teacher Downloads, Stave Falls Activity Handouts and Stave Falls Timeline Image Cards.

Contact us:
We invite you and your class to enjoy and experience first-hand the history, power and place that is Stave Falls. Reach us by phone at 604 462 1222 or by email at stavefalls@bchydro.com to book a tour.

Visit BC Hydro's School Programs website for more information on curriculum-connected programs and to download the free teacher resources.

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