Cedar Stories

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Friday, November 29th, 2019
Program Description

In this program, students develop an awareness and respect for the central role that the cedar tree has played and continues to play, in Northwest Coast First Nations cultures. Students take part in a hands-on tree-building activity to learn about the distinct elements of the cedar tree. Students hear stories and handle objects made of cedar bark and cedar wood in order to understand their value and ongoing cultural importance. Students create paper weavings inspired by traditional Haida cedar hat. By the end of the program, they will be able to identify the cedar tree, its distinct components and how cedar is transformed into cultural objects.

Big Ideas
  • Rights, roles, and responsibilities shape our identity and help us build healthy relationships with others.
  • Stories and traditions about ourselves and our families reflect who we are and where we are from.
  • Healthy communities recognize and respect the diversity of individuals and care for the local environment.
  • Our rights, roles, and responsibilities are important for building strong communities.
  • We shape the local environment, and the local environment shapes who we are and how we live.
  • Canada is made up of many diverse regions and communities.
  • Individuals have rights and responsibilities as global citizens.
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    K, 1, 2
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    60 minutes unless otherwise stated.
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