Coming Soon: River of Stories

Last updated on
Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021
Experience type: 
Virtual Field Trip
Program Description

FRDC is continuing to support schools during this pandemic with our newest offer: online school programs! Hosted through video conference software, an FRDC educator will lead your students through a fully interactive program, engaging them with the material by utilizing the latest tools in online and remote education. Be sure to check back soon for more details!

Join us as we journey down the river of stories from the headwaters to the mouth of the Fraser. Travelling along an interactive map, students will learn all about the Fraser River Basin through stories from the near and distant past. The program ends with a reflection on our place in this landscape, as students add their own story to the map. 

To participate in these programs, you will need:

  • A stable internet connection.
  • A device for each student (laptop, tablet, or chromebook, etc) with a stable internet connection. They will use this throughout the program for the interactive activities.
  • The ability to join the video conference with the FRDC educator. This can be done one of two ways: the teacher can join the video conference and project it with sound for the whole class to view; or each student can join on their device with headphones.
Big Ideas
  • Healthy communities recognize and respect the diversity of individuals and care for the local environment.
  • Our rights, roles, and responsibilities are important for building strong communities.
  • We shape the local environment, and the local environment shapes who we are and how we live.
  • Canada is made up of many diverse regions and communities.
  • Local actions have global consequences, and global actions have local consequences.
  • Indigenous knowledge is passed down through oral history, traditions, and collective memory.
  • Indigenous societies throughout the world value the well-being of the self, the land, spirits, and ancestors.
  • Learning about indigenous peoples nurtures multicultural awareness and respect for diversity.
  • Interactions between First Peoples and Europeans lead to conflict and cooperation, which continues to shape Canada’s identity.
  • The pursuit of valuable natural resources has played a key role in changing the land, people, and communities of Canada.
  • Canada’s policies and treatment of minority peoples have negative and positive legacies.
  • Natural resources continue to shape the economy and identity of different regions of Canada.
  • Trip Details
    For Grades: 
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    Days Offered: 
    60 minutes unless otherwise stated.
    Maximum Students: 
    Offered In French: 
    Also Offered For: 
    Daycamps, ESL, Guides, Homeschool, Other, Scouts
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    Pre-Visit Information Package
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    To be determined.