Grade 5 - All about rocks!

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Thursday, September 12th, 2019
Program Description

Why are rocks important in your life?

Use our programming to help your students explore this question and others as they discover more about rock types, how they change through the rock cycle, and why they are important in our lives. Choose from a number of programs to meet your students' needs and interests.

Planetarium show (45 min)

A Rock's Life: Join us for a virtual field trip to explore some of the unique geological features in our own backyard. We travel from Squamish to the Fraser River delta to illustrate what the rock cycle is and why it matters in your life. We will also explore how an understanding of Earth’s geology can take your learning out of this world.

GroundStation Canada show (20 min)

Think like a Geologist: How does a geologist know what they're looking at? How do they test the physical properties of rocks and minerals to help identify them? Students will learn how geologists apply the scientific method to identify rock samples and how that applies to their work.

Rocket Lab: What goes up doesn't necessarily come down. How do rockets get up there in the first place? Students participate in this live demonstration of the basic principles of Newton's Laws of Motion and its use in rocketry.

Hands-on workshop (60 min)

Mining Quest: Using their understanding of the rock cycle and the thought processes geologists use in the field, students will look for clues to locate a potential source for Canadian diamonds.

Space Launch Challenge: What do scientists and engineers do to make their ideas a reality? They use their knowledge of scientific concepts and rigorous experimentation. In this workshop, students will apply basic concepts of physics to design, prototype and launch a simple rocket.
NOTE: Students will work together in groups of three and each group is required to supply their own 2-litre plastic pop bottles.

Cosmic Courtyard gallery (30 min)

Visit our space-themed, hands-on gallery. Students can morph into an alien, touch a Moon rock or event try to lift a meteorite.

Big Ideas
  • Earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resources.
  • Machines are devices that transfer force and energy.
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    Costs range from $10.25 to $17.75 depending on program options. 1:4 ratio free adult to paid child; additional adults pay the same rate as students.

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    Details about program length are listed with program description above. Please allow additional time for lunch and time to move between programs. Maximum student number for workshops is 30.