Grade 9 - Chemistry and the Periodic Table

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Thursday, September 12th, 2019
Program Description

How do scientists use theories, models and evidence to increase our understanding of our Universe?

Use our programming to help your students explore this question and others as they discover more about the periodic table, the origin of elements and the Universe. Choose from a number of programs to meet your students' needs and interests.

Planetarium shows (45 min)

The Astronomer's Periodic Table: Where do elements come from and how are they cycled through the universe? Students will discover more about the origins of elements and the periodic table and how matter is cycled through the Universe.

Phantom of the Universe: The Hunt for Dark Matter: Discover more about the dark matter, from the Big Bang, to the theorizing of its existence, to its anticipated discovery at the Large Hadron Collider and the role of scientists associated with Vancouver-based TRIUMF in current scientific break-throughs.

Feature planetarium show: Check our feature show to see how it can support your student’s learning. (Note: feature shows are screened for approximately 6 months.)

GroundStation Canada Shows (20 min)

The Colour of Fire: An Astronomer’s Tool: Polaris, our North Star, is made mostly of hydrogen. Do you ever wonder how astronomers obtain such detailed information about stars that are so far away? This blazing 20-minute presentation demonstrates the use of spectroscopy and the ways it applies to astronomy.

Planet Hunters: Discover more about planet hunting techniques astronomers use and their quest to find signs of life in the Universe.

Cosmic Courtyard gallery (30 min)

Visit our space-themed, hands-on gallery. Students can morph into an alien, touch a Moon rock or event try to lift a meteorite.

Big Ideas
  • The electron arrangement of atoms impacts their chemical nature.
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