Indigenous Knowledge + Earthquakes (Downloadable program)

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Friday, September 4th, 2020
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Online Resource
Program Description

This downloadable digital school program is drawn from the Shake Up: Preserving What We Value exhibition, developed to link MOA’s current seismic upgrading to Northwest Coast Indigenous knowledge and earth sciences. Students will learn about the cultural importance of earthquakes to different Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast, and will be encouraged to think critically about the intersections between Indigenous knowledge, oral histories and traditional Western scientific evidence. This school program is designed for teachers to deliver in-person or online, and includes resources and activities for teachers to implement as they see fit.

Big Ideas
  • Human and environmental factors shape changes in population and living standards.
  • The physical environment influences the nature of political, social, and economic change.
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    8, 9, 10
    See notes. minutes unless otherwise stated.
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    Additional Notes

    Please note there is no live digital component to this program.