Mudflat Ecology Walk

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Friday, March 4th, 2016
Program Description

The Tofino Mudflats Wildlife Management Area (TMWMA) is the only protected area in the District of Tofino, and is home to dozens of marine and terrestrial species, from shrimp, clams and packs of wolves to herons, owls and migrating shorebirds. Our mudflat walks provide a unique, hands-on introduction to this rich and complex ecosystem. Depending on the group, we can stay close to shore or take off our shoes and head out into the mud. Our mudlfat walks will introduce you to the many invertebrates that are the base of this rich marine and terrestrial food web, from ghost shrimp to clams, and so much more!

In this hour and a half program, you are guaranteed to leave with a greater appreciation of this rich ecosystem and understand that it is so more than just mud. Our spring and fall tours also focus on the spectacular shorebird migrations, when migrating shorebirds, sometmes in excess of 30,000 birds per day, stop over on the Tofino Mudflats to feed and rest during during their impressive annual migrations. For more info on the shorebird migration, check out our Tofino Shorebird Festival.

Our mudlfat walks are suitable for all ages and can be easily tailored to meet the needs of your group. All mudflat tours are based out of the Tofino Botanical Gardens and are delivered during low tides.

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Please inquire for rates as it is determined by the size of the group.

Additional Notes

Offered year round for up to 32 participants.