Re-Thinking the Railroad, Grades 3-6

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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019
Program Description

This program offers the opportunity to learn about the history of the railroad and train station in White Rock. Students will discuss the significance of the railroad and train station in the past and present and discover the varied perspectives surrounding this topic.

Big Ideas
  • Creative experiences involve an interplay between exploration, inquiry, and purposeful choice.
  • The arts connect our experiences to the experiences of others.
  • Artists experiment in a variety of ways to discover new possibilities.
  • Creative expression is a means to explore and share one’s identity within a community.
  • Exploring works of art exposes us to diverse values, knowledge, and perspectives.
  • Artists experiment in a variety of ways to discover new possibilities and perspectives.
  • Engaging in creative expression and experiences expands people’s sense of identity and belonging.
  • Works of art influence and are influenced by the world around us.
  • Experiencing art is a means to develop empathy for others’ perspectives and experiences.
  • Curiosity and wonder lead us to new discoveries about ourselves and the world around us.
  • Language and story can be a source of creativity and joy.
  • Stories and other texts help us learn about ourselves, our families, and our communities.
  • Stories can be understood from different perspectives
  • Using language in creative and playful ways helps us understand how language works.
  • Exploring stories and other texts helps us understand ourselves and make connections to others and to the world.
  • Language and text can be a source of creativity and joy.
  • Questioning what we hear, read, and view contributes to our ability to be educated and engaged citizens.
  • Texts can be understood from different perspectives.
  • Language and text can be a source of creativity and joy.
  • Developing our understanding of how language works allows us to use it purposefully.
  • Exploring and sharing multiple perspectives extends our thinking.
  • British Columbia followed a unique path in becoming a part of Canada.
  • Demographic changes in North America created shifts in economic and political power.
  • Interactions between First Peoples and Europeans lead to conflict and cooperation, which continues to shape Canada’s identity.
  • The pursuit of valuable natural resources has played a key role in changing the land, people, and communities of Canada.
  • Canadian institutions and government reflect the challenge of our regional diversity.
  • Natural resources continue to shape the economy and identity of different regions of Canada.
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    3, 4, 5, 6
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    Half Day minutes unless otherwise stated.
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    This program is $105 per class.