Tram Ride & Gold Panning

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015
Program Description

Learn about the history of Simon Fraser, the life cycle of the spawning salmon and the Fraser River Gold Rush. Each tram has an operator on board that commentates about the three subjects as it pertains to Hell's Gate. After the tram ride - the lower terminal 'village' houses our Simon's Cafe, Gold Panner Gift Shop & Fudge Factory/Candy Store. The self guided Education Center has both films and still exhibits that goes in to more detail about the above three subjects. The observation decks & suspension bridge offer a spectacular view of the International Fishways - which millions of salmon navigate annually enroute to their spawning grounds. Lots of picnic tables outside for the group to bring their own lunch - or cafeteria available for order off the menu - or see other field trips for Tram & School Lunch Special. This package (Tram & Gold Panning) includes the tram ride and each person receives a voucher to pick up a gold pan, pay dirt and souvenir vile in the Gold Panner Gift Shop. At their leisure - they head to the gold panning troughs to pan for their gold. Average length of stay is 1 hour (without lunch) or 1 1/2 hours (with lunch). We are a seasonal attraction - open late April through Thanksgiving.

Fee Details
Cost Per Student: 
Cost Per Adult: 
Fee Notes: 

Rates are for the 2015 season (April 24 to Oct. 12).
One bus driver and one teacher are complimentary for tram ride (with 15 or more paying pax).
Rates include taxes. Re-confirmations are required 2 - 3 days in advance with exact numbers.

Additional Notes

Minimum numbers to receive group rate is 15 paying pax.
We are located in the Fraser Canyon - 6 minutes south of Boston Bar - 35 minutes north of Hope (on Hwy #1).
School Visitation Program is available upon request. This has information on Hell's Gate and all the topics mentioned above - along with sample questions (true/false - fill in the blank - essay suggestions).
Scavenger Hunt idea questions also available for teachers.
Suggested extra: One scoop regular ice cream cone $3.50pp.