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Tuesday, October 10th, 2017
Program Description

About the Exhibition VOICING: Scholars and Scientists have long been captivated by the origins of human speech & language and how we convey emotion through the voice. VOICING presents three artists from three countries who explore the evolution, boundaries and emotional territories of the human voice from bird song through to digital code. 

About the WORSHOP: We are developing 3 different workshops connected to VOICING using littlebits technology. Students will use their inventor logs to work through and design new projects and ideas. We will post more complete information shortly. Thanks for your patience.

The workshops will be available for grades K - 12. 

Big Ideas
  • Everything we learn helps us to develop skills.
  • Learning is a lifelong enterprise.
  • Strong communities are the result of being connected to family and community and working together toward common goals.
  • Designs grow out of natural curiosity.
  • Designs can be improved with prototyping and testing.
  • Skills are developed through practice, effort, and action.
  • The choice of technology and tools depends on the task.
  • Complex tasks require different technologies and tools at different stages.
  • Complex tasks require the sequencing of skills.
  • Living things are diverse, can be grouped, and interact in their ecosystems.
  • All living things sense and respond to their environment.
  • Dance, drama, music, and visual arts express meaning in unique ways.
  • Engagement in the arts creates opportunities for inquiry through purposeful play.
  • People connect to others and share ideas through the arts.
  • People create art to express who they are as individuals and community.
  • Artists experiment in a variety of ways to discover new possibilities.
  • Exploring works of art exposes us to diverse values, knowledge, and perspectives.
  • Works of art influence and are influenced by the world around us.
  • Through art making, one’s sense of identity and community continually evolves.
  • Artists often challenge the status quo and open us to new perspectives and experiences.
  • Individual and collective expression can be achieved through the arts.
  • The arts provide opportunities to gain insight into the perspectives and experiences of people from a variety of times, places, and cultures.
  • Playing with language helps us discover how language works.
  • Through listening and speaking, we connect with others and share our world.
  • Exploring and sharing multiple perspectives extends our thinking.
  • Our communities are diverse and made of individuals who have a lot in common.
  • Human and environmental factors shape changes in population and living standards.
  • Collective identity is constructed and can change over time.
  • Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence societies and events.
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    For Grades: 
    K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    Months Available: 
    Half Day minutes unless otherwise stated.
    Maximum Students: 
    Offered In French: 
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    Workshops are charged at $150 per class, which works out to about 4-6 per student depending on numbers of students. 

    Please note that Gallery Exhibition Tours are always free. We request that you book a couple of days in advance, but, with a little advance notice, you can pretty much come anytime for a tour Monday - Friday. 

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