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BC Field Trips is pleased to introduce TripEd, a new initiative to provide a $10 pass to schools, daycares and other community groups to allow them to access Translink for a year!  Yes, that's $10 a year for your whole class! 

TripEd is a new volunteer group that has emerged this spring in the Lower Mainland and is following up on much of the work of BC Field Trips 2007 Transportation themed Field Trip Fair.  In 2007, over 800 people supported better access to transit for field trips. 

If you go out in the woods this weekend, you're in for a big surprise!  May 15- 17 puppies in training from Pacific Assistance Dogs  (PADS) will be testing their confidence at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

March 20-22 - Pacific Assistance Dogs puppies-in-training will be expanding their horizons this weekend with a visit to Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver.  This event is one of 12 free monthly field trips facilitated by BC Field Trips to help enrich the early learning experiences of puppies training to be assistance dogs to individuals with disabilities.  Show your support for PADS and Maplewood Farm by dropping by for a visit this weekend!

Wow! The response to this year's Field Trip Fair on September 29th has been overwhelming and we have now reached the maximum capacity for our venue at Grouse Mountain. There are 700 people registered for the event!

As has been advertised, Skyride passes will only be made available to registered guests. Please let unregistered colleagues know that we will not be able to do any onsite registration. If you registered before September 19th, we have your registration on file.


Join us September 19 and 20th at the Vancouver Police Museum as we launch a new partnership between BC Field Trips and Pacific Assistance Dogs (PADS).  This will be the first of 12 free field trips for puppies-in-training facilitated by BC Field Trips. Meet some of the puppies-in-training and learn more about the Vancouver Police K-9 unit. Entrance to the museum is free from 12-4pm on Saturday. The museum is located at 240 E. Cordova Street, Vancouver.

Registration for the 6th Annual Field Trip Fair is now open! Click here for details about the fair and to register yourself.

Do you know that Carbon dioxide emissions from peatland exploitation are estimated to be 3 billion tonnes per year?

Come join in the Jog for the Bog Trail Run, September 21, 6500
Westview Park. Contact 604.572.0373 and request a registration form.
Great prizes for pledges gathered.

1988 - 2008 Twenty years protecting the "lungs of the Lower Mainland" for future generations.

Check out our website: www.burnsbog.org for further updates!


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