Compass Cards and your class field trip

We were wondering how the new Compass Card might affect taking transit to your next field trip so we asked Mariee Devereux, Outreach Education Specialist with Translink for more information. Here's what she had to say.

What is Compass?

The new electronic fare card in the lower mainland that works everywhere on bus, Skytrain, SeaBus and WestCoast Express.

Purchase Compass Tickets before your field trip

To purchase Compass Tickets (single use) in advance of your field trip, please email the Compass Customer Service Centre and request a bulk ticket order form The minimum order for bulk ticket sales is 50 tickets per zone and the pricing is the same as before. Once you submit your cheque and order form, your tickets will be couriered to your school. There is no fee for the courier service. If you have a tight timeline, please follow-up your email with a call the following day if you have not received an email reply.  They can be reached at 604-453-4490.

For small numbers of tickets (ie 30), you may visit the Compass Customer Service Centre in person; please be aware that at peak times there may be line-ups. They are located at 590 Beatty Street in Vancouver and connected to the Stadium/Chinatown SkyTrain Station. 

Compass tickets have an expiry date of 254 days from date of issue. If you have tickets that are approaching their expiry, please contact the Compass office to arrange an exchange or other option. 

Purchase Compass Tickets on the day of your field trip

You can also purchase tickets out of Compass Vending Machines (at Skytrain and 18 London Drug Stores) but they need to be used the same day you buy them, as they will expire at the end of the service day.

Purchase class sets of reloadable Compass Cards

Some schools have opted to purchase class sets of reloadable Compass Cards that teachers sign out before their field trip and return at the end of the day.  This is a great option, especially if you still have unused FareSavers.  Watch this video for a brief introduction on Compass Cards that shows you how to transfer the value of unused FareSavers onto a Compass Card. 

How to use Compass Tickets and Cards

The electronic Compass tickets need to be tapped on sensors at the beginning of each trip.  Watch this video to see just how easy it is.

For more information call 604-398-2042 or visit: or

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