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Now that you’ve found the perfect field trip to match your curriculum needs, how do you get your students there safely and in a cost effective manner? At the 2007 Field Trip Fair we introduced the Transportation Station – a one stop shop approach to answering your questions about meeting your transportation needs on field trips.

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Bus Bursaries

BC Field Trips recognizes that sometimes travel by charter bus is the most efficient way to travel to a field trip. Since the 2007 Field Trip Fair we have given away ‘bus bursaries’ to attendees to the Fair.  In 2010 we started to give away more transportation bursaries to recipients of our newsletter, On the Road.


TransLink is responsible for transit services, including SkyTrain, buses,SeaBus, and community shuttles, as well as cycling infrastructure.

For trip planning information and fare information visit and check out our blog post for useful information. For teacher resources and information visit .

The Pacific Parklands Foundation Bus Grant Program

A growing number of scientific studies show that a connection with nature makes us healthier and happier people. But what if you’re an urban dweller that can’t afford to get to a park? What if you’re an underfunded school that can’t afford a field trip? That’s where Pacific Parklands Foundation has been lending a helping hand – with it’s Bus Grant Program

The Bus Grant Program connects people to nature by providing funding for transportation to Metro Vancouver’s regional parks. Successful applicants are given a $500 cheque towards the cost of transportation, usually a chartered bus.  All trips must be to a Metro Vancouver Regional Park.  For more information visit the Bus Grant Program webpage.

Daytrippers – financial support to take learning on the road

In September 2007, BC Field Trips was pleased to introduce Daytrippers Children’s Charity from Ontario to BC teachers. Daytrippers exists to provide funding to help teachers overcome financial barriers to accessing field trips. A short application form is available online and is reviewed by a trip review committee at the charity. To date over 20 BC teachers have benefitted from support from Daytrippers!

Booster seat legislation - making it work for field trips

As you may be aware, new child passenger restraint legislation came into effect on July 1, 2008 in British Columbia. This legislation now aligns with best practices for child passenger safety. It does have implications for volunteer drivers - teachers and parents - driving students under 9 years of age on field trips. BC Field Trips has worked with the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation to create a plain language document to explain these changes and simple, low cost solutions for accessing booster seats. Print a copy and post it on your field trip board at school! More detailed information for administrators is being prepared by the Risk Management Branch of the Ministry of Finance. BC Field Trips also gave away 'six packs' of booster seats to four lucky teachers at the 2008 Field Trip Fair.

HASTE - Interested in transportation alternatives?

HASTe (Hub for Active School Travel) helps BC schools promote active, safe, and sustainable school travel, reducing the impacts of vehicle emissions to improve the health of individuals, communities and the environment.

A few features for educators looking for more information or resources on transportation alternatives and solutions are highlighted below.

  • HASTe has a new and improved student travel calculator called iSchoolTravel. It is a fun online calculator and an App for iPad users to measure their health, economic and environmental impacts arising from transportation to and from school.
  • Step by step information on starting a walking school bus or bicycle train at your school;
  • Safety information for cyclistspedestrians and transit users.
  • Want to take more action around alternative transportation? Visit School Travel Planning and contact HASTe to see how your school or community can get started.

Need a Motorcoach / Bus for your field trips, day trips and overnight trips?

International Stage Lines provides charter Motorcoach services for BC public schools located in Victoria, Vancouver Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and Okanagan Valley since 1978.  We can assist with your group planning, scheduling, itinerary and routings, as you plan your trips to Seattle, Victoria, Whistler, Field Trips, Ski Trips, Band Trips and Athletic competitions.  As well we can coordinate multiple buses for Grad functions, as well as airport transfers to Bellingham, Seatac, YVR for those longer trips or visiting delegations. Please contact Brad or Kathryn in the charter department at(604) 270-6135 or email for more information.

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