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FlyOver Canada has just launched a contest for a free field trip for your entire class. The field trip includes:

BC Field Trips has been selected as one of 10 "Change Makers" by the BC Museums Association. Read more about our contributions and the other nine individuals and organisations making contributions to BC's museum community.

Last month we had 272 people enter the field trip bursary draw and we gave away 10, $200 bursaries to teachers. With each draw we ask participants for a little bit of information to help us better understand more about why teachers incorporate field trips into their practice and who they are.

Searching through the field trips is quick and easy. If you know what organisation you would like to visit click on its name in our Institution Members List. If you would like to discover some new field trip opportunities use our search page to filter through the hundreds of field trips. You can narrow the search by city, grade and keyword.

In December we asked teachers what they would tell museum educators in preparation for their field trip. Teachers provided lots of positive examples of wonderful relevant field trips as well as some critical reminders to museum educators about the experiences they provide.

In November we asked teachers who entered our field trip bursary draw to tell us about their reasons for incorporating field trips into their practice. We’ve categorized the answers and compiled them into the image below.  (The size of the word or phrase indicates the frequency that it was mentioned.)


Thanks to those of you who participated in our December field trip bursary draw. We had 290 teachers enter and we gave away five $200 bursaries to teachers at the following schools:


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