TripEd - $10 for an annual transit pass for your class? Make it happen!

BC Field Trips is pleased to introduce TripEd, a new initiative to provide a $10 pass to schools, daycares and other community groups to allow them to access Translink for a year!  Yes, that's $10 a year for your whole class! 

TripEd is a new volunteer group that has emerged this spring in the Lower Mainland and is following up on much of the work of BC Field Trips 2007 Transportation themed Field Trip Fair.  In 2007, over 800 people supported better access to transit for field trips. 

TripEd needs your help to bring this even bigger goal to fruition.  They have already secured the support of the Vancouver School Board and many other groups.  Take just a moment to visit their website and sign the petition.  This is a well thought out proposal that is gaining momentum!

To launch the project, TripEd will be under the big top at the Vancouver International Children's Festival on Thursday, May14th from 6:30-7:30.  Join Fred Penner and a host of others who are supporting 'taking learning on the road' by making transit accessible for school field trips. Be ready to join us in a special version of...

The Wheels on the Bus! 

Our field trips mean the world to us,
The world to us, the world to us.
With a TripEd Pass we can take the bus-
All round the towns!

Don't miss this bus!


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