What supports a successful field trip?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our November field trip draw. We had over 400 people participate and we gave away five $200 bursaries. Our lucky winners were from the following schools

  • Beaver Creek Elementary, Surrey
  • Falkland Elementary, Falkland
  • Forest Grove Elementary, Burnaby
  • Vancouver Christian School. Vancouver
  • Tillicum Elementary, Victoria

As part of the draw we also asked you a couple of questions about why you include field trips as part of your practice and some of your important your tips to ensure a successful field trip. We’ve compiled your responses in the image below (the larger the word or phrase the more times it was mentioned).  Below are some of our favourite comments.

Select a destination that the kids will LOVE and that they wouldn't otherwise visit with their family.

Prepare ahead of time. Let the students know the itinerary, location, maps, etc. Share everything with them so they feel like they know what's going on. Have questions and goals for them to achieve during the day. Follow up back at school.

Invite chaperones to engage in experience by asking kids questions. Post visit: reflect on experience.

Try new things! Stick to some favourites but go somewhere new as well.

Get & Give: (1) Get a sense of what the participants know, and what they want to see, do, and learn while on the FT. Plan accordingly, incorporating as many desires as is feasible. (2) Give the participants a fairly detailed sense of the day, what they might be seeing and doing, as well as logistical limitations. Avoid surprises and disappointments that could interfere with learning.

Pre-teaching to build a foundation in context ie. prior knowledge, planning, parent involvement, and getting the students excited about the upcoming experience.

Pre plan all your cars and make sure the parents have a mixture of children (not just all the boys who are best chums).

What contributes to a successful field trip?


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