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17th Annual Field Trip Fair for Teachers

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 3:30 - 6:30 pm
Orpheum Theatre - 601 Smithe St., Vancouver
Exhibitor check-in: 1:45 pm


Register for your table for the Field Trip Fair on September 17, 2019. Your $250 registration includes a table at the Fair and a one-year website listing. Each exhibitor is expected to provide a free field trip for 1 class (30 students) as part of their registration - no exceptions. 

You must register and pay for your table in order to hold the table for you. Once you register you will be invoiced.

What you get

- One table (6 ft). Anything you bring must fit on your table so please leave your canons, large taxidermy animals, and boats at home. (Yes - we've seen all of these things and more arrive at the Fair.)
- "Draw box" and pencils for teachers to place their draw slips for your free field trips. We will provide teachers with 10 field trip draw slips to use while they are at the Fair.
- Two educators to represent your organization.
- A glass of wine and a snack during the exhibitor meet and greet (2:45 pm).

Who we expect to come

We expect about 400 teachers to come to the event. The majority of those registered are seasoned teachers (more than 5 years of teaching). There are also new teachers and teacher candidates. Those who are not classroom teachers are educational assistants, faculty associates, community arts programmers, home learners, youth workers, aboriginal resource teachers, daycare providers and seniors recreation programmers.

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