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In our changing world, teaching ethics has become increasing important in creating responsible global citizens. The new curriculum asks students to make ethical judgements about the past and evaluate the limitations of drawing direct lessons from history.  One approach is to directly compare modern codes of ethics with historical codes from period sources. Studying prescribed codes of ethics from medieval chivalric manuscripts, such as the Book of Chivalry by Geffroi de Charny, and The Flower of Battle by Fiore dei Liberi, helps students examine their own codes of ethics and understand the pitfalls of dubious translations. But chivalry is essentially the ethics of swordfighting, and the best way to learn this is by swinging a sword. This exciting workshop combines hands on swordplay experience for kinesthetic learners with interpretation of historical manuscripts to reach multiple intelligences.

Come on a journey through time, and learn about the martial history of knights and duellists.

Far from armoured brutes wildly hacking and smashing their enemies, the knights and duellists of the middle ages and renaissance were highly trained martial artists.  Skilled not only with swords, but also with daggers and spears, in and out of armour, on foot and on horseback.

A team of presenters from the Academie Duello will host your students, or travel to your school.  And over the course of an hour describe the martial arts of medieval and renaissance Italy with live demonstartions, a recreation of a medieval judicial duel, and a Q&A period at the end of the presentation.


En garde!

Immerse your students in the middle ages and renaissance, with a lesson in the arts of knightly combat.

Swordplay is a great special program to offer as part of your physical education classes as a single session or an ongoing series. We combine historical swordplay skills with modern physical conditioning techniques in a way that will excite your kids to move. We have had great results engaging students who usually have a hard time in phys.ed. and have found that even push-ups are exciting when swordplay is the reward.

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