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New for 2020-2021 we are offering programs for homeschool classes and small bubbles who would like to enhance their school curriculum. Through exploring the exhibits, activities and site features, you can discover our relationship with Earth Materials. This can help teach the following Big Idea in the Grade 5 Curriculum in BC. 

Earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resources. 

Your visit to the museum will help answer questions such as;

  • What are Earth Materials
  • How do we interact with Earth Materials
  • How can we change our relationship with Earth Materials to be better stewards of the environment

Included in your admission to the museum are the following

  • Guided tour of the underground
  • BOOM!
  • Self-exploration of the site and exhibits
  • A support package
  • Gold Panning
  • Choice of one 30 minute session from the following;

Earthly Explorers

Have you ever seen a dinosaur footprint fossil? How do such fossils form and what can they tell us? Join us for Earthly Explorers as we uncover teh story of our dinosaur footprint and how the stories of rocks reveal the geological timeline of our planet. This session also includes free time to uncover the secrets of a variety of rocks and minerals selected to help understand earth materials and the rock cycle. 

Chemical Solutions in the Real World

The Britannia Mine Museum had a serious environmental problem called Acid Rock Drainage that chemically speaking, was a solution of sulphur and several metals. Get an introduction to what is a chemical solution through a look at Britannia's former problem and how it was resolved. This session will include hands-on testing of water samples. 

Regular admission rates apply but don't forget you get a wonderful support package and a 30 minute additional session with one of our educators for the price!

Admission rates can be found here



We aim to provide unique, entertaining, and memorable educational experiences that engage students of all ages in topics related to mineral exploration, natural resource management, land reclamation, and the role of mining in our lives.

School Trips

For 2020-2021 we are pleased to be able to continue to offer the same unique curriculum based educational experiences you have come to know!

When you are ready to build your program visit our website to choose the relevant programming experiences that will maximize learning outcomes for your students. Customize your visit by selecting the core educational sessions from the categories listed.

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