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Click, boom, bang, clang—what makes the carousel go round? It may seem all fun and games, but this 100-year-old structure is in fact a powerful machine, propelling some 16,000 kilograms of wood, metal and glass with every ride. This program encourages participants to practice scientific inquiry in fun new ways, using principles of measurement, geometry, sound, and force to discover the inner workings of the carousel. Carousel ride included.

Students explore how technology changed daily life and the workplace over the last several centuries. This program focuses on new fuels and tools like coal and machinery, which replaced wood and hand tools, by observing the real thing. Through demonstrations in the blacksmith shop, the tinsmith shop, and with working stationary steam engines, students get a first-hand look at how the machine age began.

All aboard! Tram Traveling looks at the importance of transportation in urban development, and how it transformed the landscape and communities of the Lower Mainland. By exploring artifacts and archival film, students discover how changes in transportation technology affected daily life and work in the 1920s. Students are provided with costumes so they can board our beautifully restored 1912 tram and imagine themselves immersed in the time period. 

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