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Stepping into Nature is a week-long outdoor education event that welcomes over 400 grade 6 and 7 students to the Delta Nature Reserve each year. Classes spend a full day learning about what makes Burns Bog unique and how they can have a positive impact on the environment.

Students rotate through festival stations, guided by grade 10’s from a local leadership program. Each station is created by Society staff and community partners; experts in environmental science, ecology and outdoor education. These adult mentors train the leadership students to build their public speaking and communication skills.

Festival Goals
1. Reconnect students with nature using a hands-on, holistic, place-based approach.

2.  Emphasize the importance of Burns Bog as an organism, ecosystem and a resource.

3. Promote personal, environmental and community well-being and engagement.

Inspired by Richard Louv’s famous book The Last Child in the Woods, the Festival reminds students to shut off technology and reconnect with nature in a meaningful way. The Stepping into Nature Festival uses the latest tools in environmental education and BC’s new K-12 curriculum to build on children’s natural curiosity of the world.

Festival Topics

Bogs, Peatlands and Wetlands               Species Adaptations and Biodiversity

Ecological Restoration                              Ecosystems, Food Webs and Interactions

Species at Risk and Habitat Loss             Indigenous Worldviews and Traditional Practices

Resources and Human Impact                Tools and Techniques in Environmental Science

Event Details

LOCATION Delta Nature Reserve (Planet Ice Parking Lot) 10389 Nordel Court, Delta BC

DATE September 29th, 30th, October 1st, or 2nd 2020 (Choose One)

TIME 10:00am – 2:00pm 

*Please plan to arrive at approximately 9:45 for opening ceremonies.

PRICE $10 per student

*Minimum group size 20 students, maximum group size 30 students per booking.

**Groups with less than 20 students will be charged the minimum fee of $200.00.

***Transportation to and from the Stepping into Nature Festival is not included registration costs.

     Additional support may be available for schools that demonstrate financial need.

During an interactive nature walk along the streams and boardwalks of the Delta Nature Reserve, your students will make ecological observations and connections with their surroundings. Through inquiry and discussion, students will learn about the 3 main characteristics of a bog, how 5 First Nations relied on the land to survive, and where the infamous sunken tractor really came from.

Tour guides demonstrate how to respectfully collect plant samples, and explain how human activity has aided the spread of invasive species through the Bog. Students will learn which leaves would make good toilet paper, as well as how to tell the difference between a plant that makes a fruity tea and one that could make them very sick.

Students will also learn about the services and resources Burns Bog provides for the Lower Mainland, as well as many of the rare and endangered species that call it home.  They will find out how different animals use physical and behavioral adaptations to help them survive in Burns Bog and the Delta Nature Reserve.

By the end of the Field Trip, your students will leave with a greater understanding of the importance of saving Burns Bog and other local ecosystems. We hope that they become eco-warriors within their own community, and take individual steps to leave a positive impact on the environment.

​Burns Bog Field Trips are aligned with the BC K-12 curricular competencies

All tours can be customized to meet the needs of your class.

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