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Our interactive honey bee educational program is tailored to the season with tours to the live hive from early May to the end of August. Tours outside of this May to August period will be offered similar learning experiences without visiting the live hive. We offer an opportunity to foster curiosity about nature and allow students to use all of their senses to learn. There are opportunities to touch, see, smell and taste what they are learning about. We tailor the learning to specific ages and we are flexible in accommodating groups and academic needs. We focus on the wonder of honey bees and how they fit into the 'big picture' of agriculture and our environment. We have tailored our program to the curriculum outcomes by grade, with the flexibility to include specific areas that students are learning about in the classroom. To foster effective learning, we have both a spacious indoor as well as outdoor learning facilities.
Our program focuses on a range of topics and can be less/more in-depth depending on the age of the tour group, but generally includes: bee anatomy/biology; the bee lifecycle; the importance of honey bees to our environment, health & agriculture; bees as pollinators; bee products such as pollen, beeswax, and honey (sampling of honey); spinning a real extractor; visiting a live hive, seeing bees dancing and sometimes being born as opportunities arise in the live hive; exploring a variety of fruit trees/bushes/flowers on the farm and visually watching how bees work; queen marking (seasonal), spotting queens, workers and drones (seasonal), holding drones (seasonal), doing the bee dance, as well as viewing honey production areas (seasonal).

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