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A realistic, honest and bitingly funny look at the difference between ‘teen angst’ and mental illness and the ways vulnerable kids can start to find their way out of the dark.

Still/Falling explores the struggle with anxiety and depression, and falling backwards. And ways to rise above this struggle with as much strength, and as few scars, as possible.


This show is for students in Grade 8+ only.



Take a magical trip into the Hundred Acre Wood and discover the wonderful world of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends.

Music and puppetry without strings make this a very special treat for family audiences.


What to Expect: This production has music and puppetry. This show is ideal for students in Pre-K to Grade 3.

In Mort’s Village everything has its place, every day is the same and everyone likes it that way. Until one morning, crash, boom, bang! Down comes Beep from the sky. Who is this noisy robot, and how will she find her home?

If you loved the film WALL-E you will adore BEEP.

A story about unexpected friendship, finding where you fit, and learning how to mix things up.


What to Expect: puppetry, music gentle storytelling. This show is ideal for students in Pre-K to Grade 3.

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