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Take a magical trip over land, sea and sky and learn how to be a good friend to our planet. Musical instruments, puppets and colourful wildlife characters make this the perfect nature adventure for little ones.

A world premiere by Kayla Dunbar and Dustin Freeland (Good Day and Good Night). Creating gentle, interactive shows for the very young, the CTYP BEE Stage introduces the littlest theatre-goers to storytelling and music in an intimate drama experience that allows them and their caregivers to enjoy theatre on their own terms.

What to Expect: The BEE Stage at CTYP is an intimate, interactive performance designed especially for our littlest patrons, babies, toddlers and preschoolers; seating is general admission, floor seating on mats – a limited number of chairs will be available for those who need them.

A young goatherd finds out that he is heir to the throne and is dazzled by the riches and finery of his new life, only to discover that everything comes at a price. Will the young king make the right decision for himself or his kingdom?

The classic Oscar Wilde story, The Young King,  is a coming of age story that grapples with the ethics of beauty, leadership and compassion. The beautiful language of Oscar Wilde joins the intimate and magical world of internationally-acclaimed theatre company Slingsby (Adelaide, Australia), as audiences journey to far away lands replete with rich rewards and challenging choices. Be sure to come early to this production to join in the pre-show coronation activities beginning 15 minutes before showtime. (This production takes place at Performance Works- just down the street from our home at the Waterfront Theatre).

What to Expect: Preshow coronation activities. This is an immersive theatre experience, imaginatively staged by the renowned Slingsby Theatre. A young boy is orphaned, leaving him to be raised by goatherds. Some confrontational scenes depicting hunger and other challenging circumstances.

A young girl makes some extraordinary friendships when she dives into a magical adventure where the delicate balance of nature could change her life forever. Theatre, dance, music and puppetry create a stunning experience that shares a First Nations perspective on the importance of salmon in the natural world.

Margie has never given much thought about the river or the living creatures within it until she falls into the water and becomes a salmon. But fins and a tail are not the only changes that Margie undergoes; when she makes friends with a young salmon and a couple of other lively characters, Margie begins to realize that the river is an important life-force for everyone. The young girl joins her new friends on an exciting journey that brings her closer to her Indigenous ancestors, the Salmon People, and the wisdom of old. This beautiful dance-drama encourages audiences to consider their own relationship to the world around them.

The production elements of Salmon Girl were all brought together with great care, making complex themes simple and accessible for the intended audiences.

-Margaret Grenier – Executive & Artistic Director-Dancers of Damelahamid


Salmon Girl invites us to tap into the traditional wisdom of the salmon with the innocence and playfulness of a child’s heart and mind.

-Martine Kleissen- Event Coordinator

What to Expect: Shadow puppetry, dancing, and projections

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