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Our High School Leadership Program offers secondary students a unique experiential learning opportunity. With a focus on community building and connecting with nature, activities are designed to encourage communication, collaboration and trust. Many of the activities have nature-based themes and take advantage of the site’s many inspiring natural features.

Through cabin-living, sharing and contributing to a sustainable food program and experiencing connections to our eco-system and their community, Cheakamus programs foster a sense of belonging in students for their community and environment. Depending on the group’s preference and goals, activities can be tailored to include more environmental learning elements or can include a greater focus on recreational and challenge initiatives. The High School Leadership Program is an overnight program (two day). One day pograms available upon request.

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Field School offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in educational experiences that are inspired by nature. Utilizing the Centre’s 165 ha (420 acre) ecological reserve, these experiences take place in an extensive network of trails, ancient forests, spawning channels, ponds, our teaching hatchery and working farm. This overnight program, offered in both the Spring and Fall, is designed for students in grades 4-9 and ranges from 2-4 days in length. Most importantly, Field School is about engaging learners in fun and meaningful ways that foster understanding and care for our natural world. 

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Experience all Cheakamus Centre has to offer in this one day program exploring the natural beauty and cultural significance of the Paradise Valley. Over the course of a single day, students will learn about critical environmental habitat and ecologywhile experiencing traditional First Nations culture and practices. Learn about the life cycle of Coho, Pink and Chum salmon in our working hatchery. Explore our extensive trail networks to understand forest processes, animal habitat and the human role in influencing them. Learn about life in a traditional Coast Salish longhouse and the different roles of family groups from hunting and fishing to weaving and plant gathering.

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