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Scouts, Girl Guides of Canada welcome!

Discover the marvelous world of bees & honey. Enjoy a humerous all about bees presentation with Dr Bee plus a full guided tour of the farm that offers various hands-on opportunities for the participants.

Hands-on activities during the tour may include:
- honey extraction
- hold a drone bee
- dress like a beekeeper and open a hive
- scrape beeswax cappings off honeycombs
- honey taste testing

Career Awareness. To experience life as beekeeper.
- Looking at the current demand for skilled beekeepers
- Opportunities in the beekeeping industry
- Course offerings and practicum opportunities
- Importance of on-going education and up to date skills of the trade.

To understand the history of hive products and their uses.
- Overview of raw honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly (composition)
- Discussing nutritive and curative properties. Did you know? In 400 BC, Greek athletes were given honey as a carbohydrate boost and Egyptians used honey to embalm their rulers.
- Bee Venom Therapy - Current trends in natural medicine
- Bee aware: not all products are created equally.

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