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To recognize the chemical composition of honey.
To introduce various products from the hive.
- Breaking down the honey
- What is it made up of?
- Why unpasteurized honey is preferred
- Introduction of pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom.
- The harvesting process

To understand the impact that environmental issues have on the health of honey bees.
To introduce the benefits of organic gardening.
- Why bees get sick
- A look at life without the honey bee
- Grab your gloves and take a step into our organic blueberry fields

To understand the life stages of the honey bee and the need for cooperation inside the hive.
To be able to differentiate between a honey bee versus a bumble bee or wasp
- Honey bee life stages
- A hive of activity...let's take a look inside and see who's responsible for what
- Yike...the stinger and a look at killer bees
- A bee or not a bee? Comparing bees with similar stinging insects

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