Eagle Acres Dairy and Pumpkin Patch

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Teachers, Teachers, This is Covid Safe!  

Eagle Acres Dairy & Pumpkin Patch SaFarmi Tour is your answer to still visit the farm and see all of the animals!  This tour meets all the Government and Public Health social distancing guidelines and is Covid safe.  Select a date and time for your class to do the SaFarmi Tour in convoy style.  You get to see your students and they get to cruise around the farm and see all of the farm animals from the safety of their family vehicle.

Our Pumpkin Patch will be available for your class to be 'In-Person' this year!!

Jump on a bus or wrangle up some parents so you can bring your class out to the farm and pick some pumpkins!

You and your class will enjoy our Covid Safe plan on our farm this fall.  We will arrange the physical distancing between guests and the animals and the students will still get to hunt through the pumpkin patch.  Teachers, staff, and parents will need to control the students physical distancing.

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