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FlyOver Canada incorporates state-of-the art technology which brings you most of Canada's thrilling sights like you have never seem them before. Groups of up to 60 guests at a time will hang suspended, feet dangling, immersed in a huge 20m spherical screen while the ride film takes you on a thrilling 8 minute journey from east to west across Canada. The complete FlyOver Canada experience takes approximately 30 minutes including the audio-visual pre-show Uplift.

FlyOver Canada applies to a variety of prescribe learning outcomes within social studies classes throughout British Columbia. FlyOver Canada ties in with B.C's school curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 6. We allow students to experience Canada's different landscapes, seasons, social surrounding, cultural environments, and provinces and territories. A memorable experience for any elementary or middle school graduation!

Groups should allow approximately 45-60 minutes for a visit at FlyOver Canada.

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