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Select from a combination of our day programs offered to elementary and highschool-aged students, post secondary students and teachers. Round out the experience with an overnight camping experience at the 188-acre Millard Learning Centre!


Concerned about food security in a changing world? Dig into sustainable, climate-resilient agriculture in Galiano’s own Forest Garden. Students will gain hands-on experience with earth-friendly farming techniques, in a Forest Garden that mimics natural, local ecosystems.

 Curriculum link: Environmental science;  land use and sustainability (Grade 12).

Based at our very own Millard Learning Centre, join an award-winning effort to restore an ecosystem to its flourishing potential. Learn the skills required to make a forest healthy again—through hands-on forest mapping, surveying and orienteering. Includes a detailed teaching guide.  

During this 6 day and 5 night field school, students have the opportunity to create their own restoration program for a plantation forest.

“I learned a lot through out trip to Galiano. Now when I walk through a forest I look at it in a different light. I think, how old are these trees? What made the forest the way it it? Is it healthy? I’m now considering going into forest conservation after graduating.”

Curriculum links: Conservation and restoration of ecosystems; sustainability in local ecosystems

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