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During this fall program designed for secondary grades, students will be introduced to the methodology of bird surveys, bird banding and how scientists have learned the migration routes of different species. The Lesser Snow Goose population and the conservation of the Sanctuary will be explored as examples of the outcomes of bird studies. The students will then be given a tour of the Sanctuary, with an emphasis on viewing large flocks of migratory birds with binoculars and data sheets.

Programs for this age group are 1.5 hours long and include a short orientation session in our Lecture Hall with its museum collections, followed by a 1 hr biologist-led walk, during which students will learn the basics of bird identification and the importance of the different habitats of the Sanctuary to migratory birds and other wildlife. The Sanctuary is located in the Fraser River estuary, and trails meader between large treed areas, open ponds and natural tidal mudflats and wetlands. Seasonal highlights in the fall include the arrival of the Lesser Snow Geese from Russia. Winter highlights often include owls and the very friendly Black-capped Chickadees. In spring, the emphasis is on spring migrants, and nesting behavior.

This program is designed for the young visitors (kindergarten up to Grade 2). Children will be provided with a one-hour group tour of the Sanctuary wetlands and trails, exploring nature under the guidance of our biologist. At the discretion of the leader and teacher, this may be extended to 1.5 hours. The Sanctuary is a colourful place to visit in the fall to learn about our friendly ducks and chickadees, fascinating spiders and other water birds and wildlife.

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