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Step into history. Explore Jewish immigration and gain insight into local Vancouver history while sharing anecdotes of early Jewish residents and Jewish burial customs and rituals. All programs are led by experienced tour guides, specially trained to lead school groups.

Tours are available throughout the year. Contact the Jewish Museum & Archives of British Columbia at or call (604)257-5199 for more information.

This program provides students an overview of Jewish customs, history, and concepts. The multi-sensory program emphasizes Jewish arts and culture, incorporating music, folk dance, Yiddish and Hebrew vocabulary. Students will have an opportunity to view the Jewish Museum & Archives' Educational Torah and explore ritual objects. A seasonal/holiday food option is also available at an additional cost of $2 per student.

*Educators from the JMABC are available to present this program in-classroom.

Discover the fascinating tales of life in the heart of the early Jewish community in Vancouver.

In the 1880s and 1890s, the town of Granville quickly became the city of Vancouver following the arrival of the transcontinental railway. Jews participated in the city’s economic growth, political incorporation and cultural development. Jewish businesses opened in Gastown and a wave of Eastern European immigration from the 1890s to the 1920s made Strathcona the new centre of British Columbia’s Jewish population. In Strathcona, the Eastern European Jewish immigrants shared the Yiddish language, a religion, and concerns common to new immigrants in a foreign land. They soon established a synagogue, a mikvah (ritual bath), and cheder (Hebrew school) to meet their religious needs.

A tour guide from the Jewish Museum and Archives of BC will provide insight into the landmarks, architecture, events and evolution of Gastown and Strathcona districts, while sharing anecdotes of Jewish daily life in the area. The tour lasts 90 minutes and is approximately 2 kilometers in distance.

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