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In this new program students explore the process of erosion by investigating the Fraser River. Using a stream table, the class will build a re-creation of the Fraser River. They will us scientific inquiry to hypothesize changes over time. Students will spend a good portion of the day outdoors examining sections of the Fraser River in order to draw conclusions. Students will learn why this waterway is significant to Canadian history by examining the ecological environment and community around it.


In this improved program, learners are invited to observe and interact with the local ecosystem along the Fraser River. Through game play, hands-on activities and experiments students will gain a deep understanding of the natural environment around them. Classes will be exposed to some essential ecological concepts such as biodiversity and adaptations through sensory-rich explorations.


Engage your students and their creativity by bringing this educational trunk into your classroom. Students will engage with natural materials that Indigenous people used in building their rich culture. Everything is engaging in this new kit, from precious Coast Salish ‘tools’ to visual aids in order to transform students back in time.

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