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Hop, dive, and flutter your way to this on-line workshop about birds! In this program, you’ll learn about the evolution and adaptations of birds. We’ll discover the feeding and nesting habits of local birds and the remarkable ways that different birds find niches in the temperate rainforest ecosystem.

Discover the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates. In this workshop, you’ll take a close-up look at invertebrates and then look at the interesting features of vertebrate skulls, bones, teeth, and claws. You’ll also learn about the adaptations that help temperate rainforest animals thrive in this cool, wet environment.

Get excited about the tiny creatures that live in Lynn Canyon Park. This on-line program features a short introduction to invertebrate biology and a live video session with some local animals such as slugs, worms, and woodbugs. We’ll also take a close-up look at a few of our tiny friends under a powerful magnifier.

What is a tree, and how does it work? Your students will learn how trees make their own food and how they are part of the soil, air, and water cycles of the temperate rainforest. They will also discover how a diversity of trees and other plants creates habitat for local wildlife.

Go on a quest for nature knowledge! The self-guided in person Eco Quest takes your students through the Ecology Centre’s displays. Get interactive with our displays as you find the answers to the scavenger hunt questions and decode the secret message. Receive a small prize when you complete the Eco Quest booklet and then enjoy a 10 minute nature video in our theatre (if requested). Free if booked with a guided program.

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