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Walking tour of Jericho beach. Students will learn about the different animals living in and around the water. Participants will also be given a brief history of the area. This includes the founding of Vancouver and Jericho’s role in the WWII.

The program emphasizes learning boat control so that paddlers will gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to be safe and have fun. The program starts with knowledge and skills necessary for “beachfront” paddling activities. It progresses to introduce the novice paddler to paddling with a partner and to introduce basic land and water rescue techniques. All groups are accompanied by coaches in the same ‘inflatable’ coach boats used for sailing programs. Small tours around parts of English Bay are included when conditions are suitable.

Our certified instructors provide a fun, safe environment at Jericho beach that develops team building and self-confidence. We offer school group programs for elementary school, high school or ESL groups.

Your group will experience the thrills of sailing and enjoy the benefit of being taught by instructors who are passionate about their sport. Students acquire an understanding of ocean sailing conditions and develop a foundation for other water activities and basic water safety.

This three hour course introduces students to sailing and the sea. Our certified instructors will explain and demonstrate technique, points of sail, steering and balance. Our focus is on-water activities so that students have an opportunity to experience sailing for themselves.

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