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Occuring daily at 1:15pm, our fun and educational milking demonstration is a must-see when visiting Maplewood Farm. Featuring Lima, our star Jersey Cow, watch as a farmhand hand milks and explains traditional and modern dairy practices.
Visitors are encouraged to participate by asking questions and shouting out answers!
Please note, the demo is included in your admission.

Hey Teachers! Time to start planning your Spring field trip to Maplewood Farm! March, April and May bring the wonderful and fascinating season of birth and baby animals. Our fun and educational milking demonstration takes place at 1:15pm daily. Admission $7.55 for adults and $4.55 for children, making Maplewood Farm a low-cost, high-value classroom outing. Call 604-985-3276 today to book.

Behind the Scenes is a one hour long program that allows children to observe and participate in life on a working farm. Partcipants will be lead by a Farm hand through activities including egg collection and cleaning, preparing straw bedding for animals, grooming Shetland horses and more.

Please call to register children- cost is $22.50 per child, which includes price of admission.

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