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Explore the state of the art Seymour-Capilano Water Treatment Facility. A tour of the dam, forest and lower valley will help students discover the role that healthy ecosystems play in maintaining a reliable, clean and safe drinking water supply for over 2.4 million residents. A tour of the facility will help them discover the science of water treatment, what it takes to operate this facility and learn about some unique career choices along the way.

Ever wondered where our water comes from? Join us on this amazing journey to the watersheds and see for yourself. Learn about how the water gets from the reservoir to your tap. Hop on the ‘water bus’ as we venture to see the dam and explore the many unique components of different watershed ecosystems. Through lively, interactive activities, you’ll experience the river and the forest. You’ll make connections between healthy ecosystems, how water gets from here to your tap and the value of a healthy water supply. Come to where it all starts and spend the day discovering the treasures of this place. Once you’ve experienced the magic, you will be reminded of your special day, every time you turn on the tap!

From towering forests to sandy seashores, regional parks are filled with fun, hands-on learning environments. Park interpreters lead field trips outdoors for about 2 hours. Students are engaged in discovery, activities and games related to the topic. Specimens are often brought out to showcase the species that live nearby.

Our programs meet various curricula, from science to physical activity and more. Let us know how we can meet your learning objectives when you book.

Our calendar fills quickly, we suggest you submit a field trip request as soon as booking opens for the entire school year.  Please visit: to book an exciting regional park field trip today!

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