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5 hours of guided outdoor programming on the trails of Mt Seymour Provincial Park. Students will learn: safe trip preparation and planning; how to build emergency shelters; water collection and edible plants identification; fundamentals of navigation and rescue signalling; backcountry food storage; team survival scenarios, fun educational games and more. Available September/October.

Tobogganing is fun for all ages. Tobogganers are encouraged to bring their own toboggan or rent one for $1. Combine tobogganing with one of our snowshoe programs! Unlimited tobogganing when tubing is purchased!

Snow tubing is fun, safe, and thrilling for all ages. Tubers must be 122 cm or 48 inches tall. We provide durable nylon covered tubes. Our tubing area is equipped with a handle tow to pull you back up the hill. Combine tubing with one of our snowshoe programs for the best rate!

Through activities and observations, students will identify the characteristics of systems found in the mountain environment through the lens of unique creatures like snow fleas. Observations of snow pack levels and exploration into ecological footprints and carrying capacities will help participants become equipped to apply their knowledge to human systems. All done on snowshoes! Combine with Tubing or Tobogganing for a full day!

This interactive teambuilding program leads groups through fun fast-paced team-oriented tasks and challenges. Are you prepared to go head to head and come out on top during the Mt Seymour Snowshoe Showdown!

Combine with Tubing or Tobogganing for a full day!

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