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Students follow the lives of three children that attended Cloverdale Elementary for a whole school year (1910-1911). From the exciting arrival of the first BC Electric Railway train to the Surrey Agricultural Fair, students discover what life was like in Surrey’s old city center more than a hundred years ago. The Edukit tells the story of Nathaniel Hunter, Ruth Isabel White, Cecil Heppell and their families, and includes storybook, touchable artifacts, comprehensive teachers’ notes and suggested extension activities. Three week loan/ $50

Explore the life of early Surrey residents and compare it to our lives today.  Learn about pioneer homes in the Anderson Cabin, natural resources in the Surrey Stories gallery, and how raw wool becomes clothing in the Textile Studio. Students will discover how diverse the community of Surrey is.

Students learn about the origins of the Metis culture and the significant contributions the Metis people have made in Canada.  This program uses hands-on learning to explore the food, clothing, language, technology, music and dance of the Metis community.

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