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This interactive program encourages students to think about how they move through their communities, and about how the past influences the present and future of city planning. Students will learn about the factors that influenced the founding, building, and settling of New Westminster while taking a tour of the museum’s galleries. Students will put this knowledge into practice by creating a LEGO city and consider how transportation factors into city planning.

Programs running before November 17, 2018 will include a special tour of our feature LEGO exhibition, People Gotta Move.

Learn about the history of printmaking in our museum gallery, then develop practical skills and create designs through a one-hour printmaking workshop. Students will use printmaking technology, terminology, and techniques to explore their creative expression through a hands-on workshop and produce collagraph prints on a printing press and relief prints. The program will place a particular emphasis on the prominent figures and print shops in New Westminster’s history as well as the role printmaking plays in fostering communication.

Programs running before April 28, 2019 will include a special tour of our feature exhibition, Getting the Word Out.

This interactive program will guide students in the exploration of the field of archaeology and how it allows us to understand past inhabitants of an area. Students will learn the proper technique and methodology to be used while excavating a site, artefact analysis, and hypothetical testing. Through hands-on specimen exploration and activities, students will gain an understanding of their local environment and the clues it holds to early inhabitants and their way of life.

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