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Think outside the bento box with this resource kit bursting with resources to help teachers explore the lessons of Japanese Canadian history. A comprehensive multimedia guide to teaching about Japanese Canadian internment, redress, and regeneration all in one kit! Materials include lesson plans, novels, dvd, reproductions of archival materials, and a model of an internment shack. Rent it for 3 weeks for your intermediate or senior class. You may pick up the kit or get it shipped.

'Nikkei' is Japanese for 'of Japanese heritage or ancestry'. Our presenter visits your school to share stories of the Nikkei Community in Canada pre- and post war with artifacts and archival resources. 50-minute program.

'Taiken' is Japanese for 'personal experience'. Explore over 100 years of Japanese Canadian history and culture. Learn from community members and elders, engage with our collections and museum exhibits, and participate in fun hands-on activities in Japanese arts and culture such as Karate, Ikebana, and Origami. Contact the education coordinator about availability. Tours run mornings or afternoons for 120 mins. Please book at least 3 weeks in advance.

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