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It's the end of the year and what better way to celebrate than a trip to Playland! Bring your students out for a fun filled day of rides, including our famous Wooden Roller Coaster, Atmosfear and our newest ride the Beast! (under the School Year-end Party tab)

Students self-navigate Playland in order to answer questions about the park’s operations. Questions are designed to get students thinking about the business aspect of running an amusement park and the factors that need to be considered when establishing its procedures and policies. In 2020, the program will run along side our Amusement Park Science Program.

Playland presents Amusement Park Science & Physics, an enrichment experience designed to enhance your student’s knowledge and understanding, and to demonstrate how the Science & Physics they learn in the classroom applies to the world around them. Since 1988, over 100,000 students from BC have experienced Science of Fun and Science & Physics Days at Playland. Students can learn about the acceleration on the Roller Coaster and G-force on the Hellevator. A curriculum guide is provided with grade appropriate experiments developed by Jim Wiese, author of Amusement Park Science, and hosted by Playland.

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