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Experience the exciting world of trains in this interactive hands-on program. Re-enact a 1920s train trip across Canada in our authentic railway car, the Venosta. Learn to send a telegraph and signal a train in an historical CPR station with real railway artifacts.

What does it take to start a community? Participate in an art activity, recreating the budding town of Port Moody. Examine objects used in turn-of-the-century facilities such as the general store, the telephone company and the school. Explore the Museum displays in a guided scavenger hunt.
*The art activity is available as a do-it-yourself kit.

How does industry impact a community? Learn about the fur trade, railroad, port, lumber mills, and others as you play our industry bingo. Listen to the stories of industry workers of the past, handle objects and examine historical photos and documents. Program adjusted to meet curriculum objectives for each grade level. *Program materials available as an in-class kit.

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