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Covers skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies and choking in: Adults, Children, and Babies, Adult/Child/Baby CPR – one rescuer, Adult/Child/Baby choking, Barrier devices/pocket masks, AED and Two-rescuer Adult/Child CPR.

This course is designed for those that would like to help someone beyond life threatening problems. We still cover all the ABC but get into the more common problems that you will face in day to day living. Learn the following content: preparing to respond, the EMS system, Check, Call, Care, airway emergencies, breathing and circulation emergencies, first aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest, head and spine injuries, bone, muscle and joint injuries, wound care, sudden medical emergencies, and environmental emergencies.

This Red Cross Emergency First Aid course is perfect for learning the basics of First Aid, including: preparing to respond, the EMS System, Check, Call, Care, Airway Emergencies, Breathing and Circulation Emergencies, and First Aid for Respiratory and Cardiac Arrest.

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