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This tour includes:

  • Learning how homes were built more than 100 years ago by European Settlers and Local Indigenous people. Artifact investigation;

  • Visiting the Natural History Wall and learning about local animals;

  • Includes a guided outdoor walking tour exploring how animals have returned to the mine sites now that the industry is inactive.

This tour includes:

  • A guided historical tour in the ski wing where students learn about the contributions early miners made to the sport of skiing;

  • Watch the film "Mining to Moguls" and play a trivia game;

  • Visit the Sinixt Display to learn about the local Indigenous connection to Red Mountain prior to the arrival of European settlers.

This tour includes:

  • a visit to our local Chinese history display and an object identification activity;

  • students explore the kit "The Writing on the Wall" that details the racism and prejudice the Chinese immigrants faced at the turn of the century;

  • This tour includes a workshop on Chinese Calligraphy.

This tour includes:

  • Watching a short film on the history of Rossland and a scavenger hunt in the museum;

  • Instruction in goldpanning on site (year round);

  • Rock identification activity where students will learn the different classifications or rocks and their properties.

Come learn about the rich and vibrant history of the Indigenous peoples of British Colombia and Canada. We will guide you through activities examining artifacts and thinking critically about their functions. We will look at traditional Sinixt stories provided from Nancy Wynecooop who was a story keeper and who has kindly granted us permission to share. We will also look at the languages of Indigenous people as we prepare fo out 'Living Languages' exibition coming from the Royal BC Muuseum in the new year! 

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