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Drawn to History is where art and history meet. With historical photos and artifacts as inspiration, the activities in this kit take students through perspective drawing, contour shading, drawing faces, and contemporary issues with indigenous rock art. This kit is suitable for grades 5 to 12 (may be altered for lower grades), with strong curriculum connections in art and social studies.

This discovery kit is perfect for those teachers and students that are interested in learning more about the Kootenay-Boundary’s plant and animal life. The kit includes five activities based around identifying local plants and animals, invasive species, and indigenous use. You even figure out how to measure a tree with a straw! This kit is suitable for kindergarten to grade 7, with curriculum links to Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.

Our Regional Indigenous Basketry explores the different weaving and dyeing techniques used by this region’s Indigenous Peoples. With a focus on the Sinixt Peoples, students will explore weaving, dying, food collection, and Indigenous language through a series of activities. From designing a basket to making a traditional Sinixt recipe, this kit provides a glimpse into the traditions of this area’s first peoples. This kit is suitable for grades kindergarten to grade 7, with curriculum links to Social Studies, Arts, Science, and Language Arts.

This tour includes:

  • Learning how homes were built more than 100 years ago by European Settlers and Local Indigenous people. Artifact investigation;

  • Visiting the Natural History Wall and learning about local animals;

  • Includes a guided outdoor walking tour exploring how animals have returned to the mine sites now that the industry is inactive.

This tour includes:

  • A guided historical tour in the ski wing where students learn about the contributions early miners made to the sport of skiing;

  • Watch the film "Mining to Moguls" and play a trivia game;

  • Visit the Sinixt Display to learn about the local Indigenous connection to Red Mountain prior to the arrival of European settlers.

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