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Our Junior Rangers program takes students on a thrilling ride up to our unique subalpine environment, a whopping 885 meters above sea-level! We help teachers meet curriculum requirements with a dynamic and hands-on approach to learning. These courses are designed to engage students and connect them with nature and wildlife in an interactive way that encourages an inquiry-based method of learning. Grade K-3: Seasonal Changes and the Needs of Plants and Animals. Grade 4-5: Humans and the Subalpine Environment. Grade 6: Adaptability of Plants and Animals in the Subalpine. Grade 7-8: The Food Web of a Subalpine Ecosystem.

Activities are designed to blend engineering, science, and technology with hands-on experience and creative opportunities. These courses tackle some of the most interesting and innovative topics being studied within the fields of engineering, technology and applied science and offer students a unique look at the inner workings of the engineering marvel that is the Sea to Sky Gondola. Grade K-2: Force and Motion: How we move. Grade 3-4: Building a Strong World: Arches, Domes and Triangles. Grade 5-6: Simple Machines: Having a Mechanical Advantage. Grade 7-8: Sustainable Energy: Engineering for the real world.

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