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All our Farm Field Trips start with an interactive and enthusiastic exploration of the farm. Get ready: We will touch soil, kiss goats, listen to the bees buzzing, pet chickens, smell horses and taste veggies right from the market gardens! So much fun!! Besides our hands-on teaching style, we love getting into juicy discussions about agricultural practices, ecosystems, food security, sustainability... Throughout the Farm Field Trip, hands-on experimentation and discussions will complete your students' learnings in Environmental and Social Sciences curriculums. 

- Fun and engaging introduction to the farm, its gardens, animals and farmers.
- Stimulating the 5 senses - experimental learning is the core of our pedagogy for all ages!
- Adapting to the age range and request, the farm educator can relate to “the bigger picture” in terms of farming technics, agro- ecosystems, food systems and/or local & global ecosystems.

Longer field trips are available. All field trips can be tailored to your learning plan requirements.

An interactive and enthusiastic exploration of the farm for preschool and elementary classes! Chickens, goats, horses, orchard... there is so much to see and do at the farm. At the end students can pick their pumpkin from the Apple Orchard.

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