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Re-imagine the sculptural possibilities of clay with an experienced art educator. Inspired by images of contemporary ceramic art, students explore hand-building techniques such as pinching, incising, imprinting, and sculpting. Art and science connect as students explore the concept of habitats by sculpting a world of living things. Clay included.

SD36 visual art teachers, bring your high school students to the Gallery for an hour-long interactive tour of the current exhibitions with art making in the Gallery. To register, and for free transportation (seating limited), contact the Arts Education Helping Teacher Carol Sirianni at at least four weeks in advance of the following scheduled tour dates: November 20 & 21, 2018 and May 7 & 8, 2019.

Enhance learning about Northwest Coast cultures and contemporary artmaking practices through an exploration of diverse artworks by Indigenous artists. From cedar bark weavings, aluminum public sculptures, and buffalo hide drums to paintings, performances, and prints, students will discuss public artworks located right in Surrey, as well as art from Surrey Art Gallery’s collection. A local Indigenous artist who is one of our art educators, will lead your workshop, sharing images, stories, touchables, and a hands-on art activity growing out of their own art practice. Look online for pre-workshop preparation information.

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