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The Surrey International Children's Festival helps teachers’ fuel curiosity and creative thinking. Join us! We host school groups on Thursday, May 21st or Friday, May 22nd of our 3-day festival. This year, performances in French and English for K-7 students are coming to us from BC, across Canada and Brooklyn, NY. We present high quality programming and hands-on arts activities by artists and educators. Your students can explore drama, music, movement and visual arts as unique languages for creating and communicating. Indigenous stories and traditions, storytelling, nature play and art making will excite and challenge students of all ages. It's in our mandate to keep the festival as accessible as possible and we’re proud to say that ticket prices have not increased since 2010! Do it all, in one beautiful setting that's easy to get to. Join us in May for a hassle-free, relevant and affordable field trip for your class.

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