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Title:  Talaysay's Talking Trees – Student Program (K to Grade 12)

Welcome to our Talaysay  TALKING TREES PROGRAM. 

Type of Program:  Student Indigenous Walking Tour - Ecology

Tour Description:  This is a walking tour in Stanley Park. Your Talaysay guides-ambassadors will take you on a forest walk and teach the rich stories and history of the land while you learn how the trees and plants are used by indigenous people for both food and medicine.  Learn to identify a variety of indigenous plants and tree species  so when you venture into the forest you too will know what is edible, medicinal and adaptable for technology.   Emphasis on Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Sustainable Practices and Ecology. 

Date of TourTuesday to Friday

Start Time:  10:00 am   End Time:  11:30 am    Duration:  1.5 hrs  We can book custom times between 9 am and 10:30 am for the morning tour and 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm for the Afternoon Tour.

Includes:  Guide-Ambassador-Instructor.  At times we have a co-guide, a trainer and or a trainee. The tour is rich with Indigenous stories and interpretation.  Students have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions during the tour and or in the last 15 minutes of the tour.  

Student Rate with 20 or more participants:  $18.00 pp plus gst (This Rate is for K to 12 Students Only). 

With 20+ students, 2 teachers or adult volunteers are complimentary.  When there are less than 20 students, the base rate is $360 plus gst $18.00.  Total:  $378.00 

Primary Location:  Stanley Park:

This tour meets at the Stanley Park bus loop which is accessible by car, taxi, bus or by foot. Our guide will meet you under the gazebo in the bus loop. Please note, if driving by car, the parking lot is all pay parking. If taking the public bus, it is the #19 bus to Stanley Park and it is the last stop.  
If traveling by school bus, the driver can drop the students off then park at the designated bus parking in Stanley Park.  
Please provide yourself plenty of time to arrive and find your guide.

Other Locations:  When planned in advance, our guides could travel to a forest area near your school.  Review of the site for safety, access and diversity in indgenous plants is required.  

Inquiring and Bookings:  Please email admin@talaysay.com or info@talaysay.com and or contact us at 1-800-605-4643 (Toll Free) or 604-628-8555 (Vancouver line)

Our Programs In Summary


Talking Trees Walk - In Person and Virtual via Zoom

Indigenous Forest Walk - In Person and Virtual via Zoom (extended program of Talking Trees; includes Wellness)


Spoken Treasures  In Person and Virtual via Zoom


Talking Totems - In Person and Virtual via Zoom

Indigenous Story Telling - In Person and Virtual via Zoom


Forest Therapy Walk - external guide

Land-Basked Learning - currently offered virtually

Company:  Talaysay Tours   Book on line at:  https://www.aboriginalecotours.com/

Our Tours:  Virtual and in Person

1. talking trees - nature    (90 min)

2. indigenous forest walk (in person only) (2.5 hrs)

2. spoken treasures - history (75 min)

3. talking totems - art  (60 min)

4. storytelling - art and culture (60 min)

5. land-based learning - outdoor education  (2 hours

6. custom virtual tours and seminars

Virtual Links to Review and Book:  https://www.aboriginalecotours.com/tours/community/talking-trees-tour-st...


In Person Programs:



Locations:  Vancouver, North Shore, Squamish


Dates and Times:  can be customized with groups.


Wishing you a great week ahead and look forward to planning further with you both.


Land Basked Learning


Talking Totems


Spoken Treasures


Talaysay Virtual Tours




Christine Elliot - Manager - admin@talaysay.com 

Candace Campo – Operator Lead Guide and Teacher

Talaysay Tours - Authentic Cultural Experiences & Aboriginal co Tours 

www.aboriginalecotours.com (on-line booking) 


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